Writing Wrenaissance Reflections has been a way for me to share my love of animals and my enjoyment of birds, wildlife, and nature. The "Wrenaissance" part of the blog and website name comes from the Carolina Wrens that lived in our garage and yard in Virginia.

I'm proud to call myself a tree hugger. I come by my love of nature and wildlife naturally. My family always had pets when I was growing up, and my parents both love animals of all kinds. To this day, their yard is full of bird feeders and bird houses that they enjoy watching for hours. My fondest memory of my grandfather is of him sitting on the porch, feeding chipmunks by hand, and making friends with them.

My husband, aka Mr Wren, and I enjoy the wild things outside our door. We welcome them to our yard and gladly share our space with them. In fact, watching birds and other critters is the most relaxing part of my day. Puttering around the yard, taking photos, or just sitting and watching is my best escape from stress and hassle. Creating, improving, and living in a backyard wildlife habitat takes only as much time and effort as I have to give to it. It doesn't require a green thumb or years of experience - anything that makes a yard a more welcoming place for wildlife and the world a safer and healthier environment will return rewards that more than repay the work done. Like me, you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have made the world a little better place through your efforts.

Wrenaissance has been on the web with various URLs since the mid-1990s, and wrenaissance.com was born as a domain in 1999. The history and transformation since the separate domain name can be seen using the Wayback Machine. The blog began life as Wrenaissance Reflections, and originally it was as a subdomain of my website wrenaissance.com. The early blog moved around among servers and platforms. Consequently, there are some gaps in the archives, and the posts included on the current site begin with January 2007.

"People save what they love." I hope Wrenaissance Reflections helps people to love animals, birds, and nature, and to preserve and conserve our wild places. If I contribute in any way to that, I will be happy and count my self as successful.